Dreaming big isn’t a bad thing!

When we moved into our current property it came complete with a basketball hoop mounted to a water tank.  The hoop had been raised to a height that would probably challenge most NBA players, never mind us mere mortals.  Well maybe just short NBA players.  Probably not Steph Curry though…   That guy has game.  Anyways, […]

Just keep pedaling!

Predictably this is about learning to ride a bike.   Riding bikes was high on Jono’s agenda from the early days, a trip to the shops was often punctuated by a “fang” around on the bikes in store.. But it’s also about about failure.  About persistence, determination and patience.  And slowly but surely, step by […]

Waving to strangers.

It’s the school holidays here in New Zealand.  With Kerryn at the beck and call of a 2 week old baby who is hungry, hungry, hungry, I decided to take the week off to adventure with Jono.  He’s killing me already, and we’re only 2 days in. So yesterday we went Ice Skating.  It’s part […]

You let him do what???

It’s become apparent to me over the last 15-odd years that Kerryn and I have very different appetites for risk.  So it should come as no surprise that like running our household, Kerryn and I have our own special “division of labour” or “roles and responsibilities” when it comes to risk management and our kids.  Put […]

So you want to be a coach huh?

Let me set the scene for you.  We had signed Jono up to play J8 Rippa Rugby, which in the North Harbour Union is as grass-roots as you can get.  Under-6 year olds playing a sport for the first time in most of their lives.  We’ve arrived at the club for Muster, to get our […]

3 becomes 4

What follows was originally posted to Facebook on the 3rd of July 2016.  It was the morning following the birth of our 2nd Child, Natalie Davis.  It’s really just a dump of raw emotion – I think it might just be the most powerful thing I have and will ever write in my life… What […]

Home is where the heart is…

So I’m Canadian by birth.  I went to primary and intermediate school there before moving to New Zealand with my family some 20+ years ago (it was ages ago ok…). Inevitably this means I have a bit of an accent.  Sometimes it’s obvious sometimes not so much.  I get asked if I’m British or Irish […]