Disconnecting to Connect

One part “Davis Parenting Pro-Tip” (LOL, as if anybody is a pro at this), one part photo-journal, all 100% authentic.  This post has what you want, whether you’re here for the article or just to look at the pictures. It’s no secret in our household that both Jono and I are technology addicts.  We’ll quite […]

Get amongst it!

Don’t let the Featured Photo and first few paragraphs fool you, this post ain’t all about Rugby.  Trust me and read on! While I was watching the Blues vs ‘Canes the other night (great game, poor result…) this Kia ad came on:   I actually thought it was exceptional, saying so much without saying a […]

Finding Balance

irony defn. a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often wryly amusing as a result. Like starting a blog post about “work/life” balance and then finding that more than three months have gone and you haven’t finished it.  And you haven’t finished it because you are so […]


A couple of weeks ago I turned my back in disgust and walked away from my son “playing” soccer (or football for those of you that insist…) Let me give you the context – Jono has been doing a summer soccer program at the local club.  All we heard throughout the Rugby season last year […]

Go Harbour!!!

So I’ve had this draft sitting here on my blog for over a month all about finding balance as a working father.  I haven’t finished it, this isn’t it.  Ironically, finding balance as a working father is getting in the way of finishing that particular post!  If you are interested in my thoughts on that […]

Captured for life.

After a long hard week at work I was relaxing into my 2nd Friday evening as a father of 2.  I had the whole of the next week off to entertain Jono who was in the middle of School Holidays, so that Kerryn and Natalie could continue the process of figuring out how they worked […]

The Imagination Station

Today I’m going to talk about one of my absolute favourite parts of being a Dad.  It’s when the Parenthood Express makes one of it’s many, many, many stops at The Imagination Station. In my last post I talked about our capacity to dream big.  Dreaming and The Imagination Station are so closely connected that […]