Go Harbour!!!

So I’ve had this draft sitting here on my blog for over a month all about finding balance as a working father.  I haven’t finished it, this isn’t it.  Ironically, finding balance as a working father is getting in the way of finishing that particular post!  If you are interested in my thoughts on that stay tuned, I might finish one day.  Or not.

Harbour Selfie.jpg
Mandatory Selfie – matchy-matchy tops, but who wore it best?

Anyway, with the junior rugby season having come to a close and the mighty Kumeu J8 Red team disbanded we were feeling a little bit empty on the Rugby front.  So when one of the Dads from our team mentioned that our local Mitre 10 Cup team had a bunch of afternoon rugby games coming up I jumped at the opportunity!

Zooming around pre-game to pump up the Harbour boys.

What a cracking afternoon – the sun was out and Manawatu came to play resulting in a bloody good game of rugby with the Harbour boys bringing home the W.

The Harbour Rugby Union put a pretty darn appealing proposition out there – $5 tickets for the kids. A free meal for the first 500 kids – Mince pie, hot chips, bottle of water and a mandarin for dessert all in a handy little thermal bag that you get to keep.  Free flags, face painting, noise makers etc.  This weekend also included some club engagement activities with the junior clubs putting on a parade and a skills competition at half-time.  Yet despite all of this the main stand (which is the only one open for Mitre 10 Cup) was less than half-full.

Make some noise for the boys!

That kind of suits us though because the boys run around, make noise and generally enjoy themselves without us having to worry too much about whether they are annoying anyone…

Fulltime ticks over and the boys get another treat – we head out onto the field and the boys get to “score some tries” on the big stadium pitch.

All in all a great afternoon out and fun time for dads and lads. Get out there and get behind your local team!

Crushed it.

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